The initial membership fee is $75.00 to join, which covers the application fee and first year’s membership dues. Your application should be sponsored by two active members of the Prosper Ménière Society and their signatures must appear on the application form. Payment must be received with the application to begin processing your membership.

Yearly dues are $75.00 per calendar year, therafter, for practicing physicians; $40.00 per calendar year, thereafter, for others; and $500.00 per year, thereafter, for corporate members.

To mail your application:
Please fill out the form (printer friendly), print (select “Print” from your browser’s “File” menu), obtain the necessary signatures and fax to 501-686-8029.

After printing, please bracket any information you do not wish to be published in the annual directory. The more information you allow, the easier it will be for your colleagues to contact you.


Online Membership Purchase Options

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